About Simple Privacy

Simple Privacy responds to three clear problems:

  1. Nobody reads your privacy policy.
  2. If they do read it, they probably don’t understand it.
  3. Even if they understand it, it may not be legally compliant.

When we checked a small number of online privacy policies, we found that many business had policies that were not appropriate. For example, they said that they were bound by the Australian privacy legislation when they were actually exempt from the legislation. They clearly wanted to do the right thing, but hadn’t been able to.

When we talked to Web developers about privacy issues, they expressed a general understanding of the area, but a great deal of confusion about specific aspects of the legislation. When I asked one Web developer where she got the privacy policy for her last site, she said, “I did what everyone does. I went to Amazon and copied theirs”. That won’t work.

Inspired by the simplicity of Creative Commons, we stripped things back to the basics. The key issues around privacy have been summarized in seven different policies. We have built a process that allows the people who collect the information to answer some straightforward questions. This means that a business can generate a policy that is legally valid and that they can easily incorporate into their site. Their customers can quickly and easily find out about the key privacy issues, and can click through to a full policy if required.

Further Information

We are looking for partners to add new jurisdictions to Simple Privacy. Contact details are:

Simple Privacy
GPO Box 2476
Melbourne Vic 3000


This work has been a collaboration between Smart Services CRC and RMIT University. It is provided as a community service.